Via Ferrata “Montana Land” – Suncuius, Bihor (English) (B)

B      ↔ 170m      ↑ 80m      ⏱ 30min vf / 1h total

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The “Montana Land” via ferrata route was opened on April 28th 2018, near Suncuius, Crisul Repede defile/gorge, in Padurea Craiului Mountains, a subunit of the Apuseni Mountains. The route was self funded and built by CASSIO Montana club.


  • Paid access
  • Length 170m
  • Vertical climb 80m
  • Difficulty B
  • GPS access / Parking: 46°56’24.2″N 22°32’51.9″E or 46.940056,22.547750
  • GPS Start Via Ferrata: 46°56’18.7″N 22°32’48.2″E or 46.938528,22.546722
  • Access hiking duration: 15min
  • Via ferrata duration: 30min+
  • Return hiking duration: 15min
  • Total time: 1 hour
  • Best time: May – October, except for when it’s rainy and the rocks become slippery

All via ferrata routes in Crisul Repede Defile

  1. Via Ferrata “Montana Land” – Suncuius, Bihor (English) (B) -
    B | ↔ 170m | ↑ 80m | ⏱ 30min vf (1h total)  | Paid
  2. Via Ferrata “Casa Zmeului” – Vadu Crisului, Bihor (English) (C) -
    C | ↔ 215m | ↑ 150m | ⏱ 1h vf (2h total)  | Free
  3. Via Ferrata “Mocanita” – Peretele Zanelor, Vadu Crisului, Bihor (English) (B) -
    B | ↔ 150m | ↑ 110m | ⏱ 1h+ vf (2h+ total)  | Free

Access: If arriving by car, you can park at 46°56’24.2″N 22°32’51.9″E (or 46.940056,22.547750), just before reaching Pension Gradia, or in the pension’s own parking area. Parking near the rock walls is not recommended so you can avoid possible rock falls.

From here you continue along the river up to 46°56’18.7″N 22°32’48.2″E (or 46.938528,22.546722), the starting point for the via ferrata route.

Length of via ferrata route: 170m. Vertical climb: 80m.

Difficulty: B (easy). Grades are from A (very easy) to E (extreme).

The route starts easy with a low angled rock face, followed by a small traverse, then up. At this point, there’s an intermediate exit available, upwards. The route continues to the right via a traverse with a cave at the end, where you can rest. In the cave, there are also 2 hammocks – remain clipped to the cable while using them! After this, you continue up with a slightly overhanging 2-3m wall, near the second intermediate exit (to the left) from the route. The main route continues with another traverse, 4-5m, and then another few meters on a vertical wall, which lead to the final exit from this route.

Duration for the via ferrata route: 30 minutes or more.

Prices: 15 Lei (~3.30 Eur) with your own equipment and 80 Lei (~17 Eur) with guides and gear rented from CASSIO Montana, the sport club who built and manages the route.

The access is based on a sponsorship fee, paid to CASSIO Montana. They want to use these earnings to further develop the adventure area. In order to pay the entrance fee, you can call +40747.446.656 or +40745.656.535 and they will redirect you to either Pension Gradia, Pension Lavinia, or their own location, all three of them nearby, where you can pay and ask for details as well.

Mandatory gear: alpine helmet, alpine harness, via ferrata set. Optionally, gloves.

Return trail: You can return to the starting point in about 10 minutes, by following a trail through the woods. During the route, there are two possible intermediate exits, both going up while the main route continues to the right.

Wheater: Meteoblue Suncuius, Viewweather Suncuius.

Emergency calls+40.SALVAMONT, which is actually +40.725.826.668, or 112, the European all around emergency number. GPS coordinates for localization: 46°56’18.7″N 22°32’48.2″E or 46.938528,22.546722.



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*More full size resolution photos from via ferrata routes in Romania are available for commercial or editorial use on Shutterstock – Via Ferrata Romania set, or Adobe Stock – Via Ferrata Romania collection.



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