Via Ferrata at Rasnov Gorge – Brasov (English) (C/D)

C/D      ↔ 450m      ↑ 250m      ⏱ 2h vf / 2h30 total

View details in Romanian.

The via ferrata route at Rasnov Gorge was built by „Jump Adventure” and opened in 2001. Their Facebook page mentions the route being maintained constantly, like for example in May 2017.

WARNING: Various reports (here or here) say that the route is not safe throughout its entire length. It’s advisable to contact the route builder (their Facebook page) before proceeding further.


  • Paid access
  • Length 450m
  • Vertical climb 250m
  • Difficulty C/D
  • GPS acces / Parking: 45°32’42.94″N 25°31’4.84″E or 45.545250,25.518000
  • GPS Start Via Ferrata: 45°32’42.94″N 25°31’4.84″E or 45.545250,25.518000
  • Access hiking duration: 1min
  • Via ferrata duration: 2h
  • Return hiking duration: 30 min
  • Total time: 2h30
  • Minimum 14 years old
  • Best time: May – October, except for when it’s rainy and the rocks become slippery

Access: From county road 73A, coming from Rasnov towards Paraul Rece > Predeal, you take a left after approximately 3km, at 45°33’14″N 025°29’13.3″E. From here you go towards Cheile Rasnoavei (Rasnov Gorge).

Alternatively, from Predeal – Hotel Trei Brazi, you can reach the via ferrata route by hiking on the trails marked with a blue triangle and yellow triangle. From Timisu de Sus you can use the trail marked with a red triangle.

Length of via ferrata route: 450m. Vertical climb: 250m.

Difficulty: C/D (medium/difficult). Grades are from A (very easy) to E (extreme).

The route is medium with some difficult, exposed, overhanging passages.

Duration for the via ferrata route: 2 hours.

Prices: 30 Lei (~6.50 Eur) with your own equipment and 100 Lei (~22 Eur) with guides from Jump Adventure, the team who built and manages the route.

Mandatory gear: alpine helmet, alpine harness, via ferrata set. Optionally, gloves.

You can rent equipment and guides from Jump Adventure (their Facebook page).

Return trail: Return to the starting point by following an unmarked trail through the woods.

Wheater: Meteoblue Cheile Rasnoavei, Viewweather Rasnov.

Emergency calls+40.SALVAMONT, which is actually +40.725.826.668, or 112, the European all around emergency number. GPS coordinates for localization: 45°32’42.94″N 25°31’4.84″E.


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